Writer : Artist

Activist : Mother

Loie Rawding (formerly ____ Merritt) grew up on the coast of Maine. Her personal work exists as hybrid monster, a cocktail of prose and poetry that focuses on her lived experience and the subconscious or fantasy spaces in which she feels protected and strong. When necessary, she dabbles in autotheory and critical essay. As an artist, Loie combines paint, photography, wax, fabric, and found objects to create works of emotional volatility and resistance.

She studied theater and writing at Emerson College (Boston) and Pace University (New York City). While living in Brooklyn, she worked with independent publishers and artists to cultivate a wide breadth of knowledge and diverse experience. In 2013, she moved to Boulder to pursue an MFA in Fiction at the University of Colorado. While studying, she taught undergraduate courses and served as Fiction Editor, then Art Editor, of Timber Journal. In the spring of 2016, she received her degree, completed a novel, and gave birth to twins.

Last year, she served as an adjunct professor in the CU English Department. Loie also conducts private workshops and mentorships for all ages and experience levels. To inquire about ghostwriting, editing, or coaching services please contact her here.

In September 2017, Loie moved with her family to Nashville, Tennessee where she is pursuing new projects and advocating for women and children. Recently, she has also joined the ranks of Teaching Artists at The Porch Writers Collective.

Loie’s debut novel, TIGHT LITTLE VOCAL CORDS, will be published by Kernpunkt Press in Fall 2020.

Stay Tuned for more exciting happenings yet to come!